Here is why IDGAF about white people who say they GAF about Charlottesville

7:08 PM

Back in 2015 I invited some family (including my first niece and loyal SAH supporter, Tina -- hey girl hey!) to Virginia Beach. I was blessed to receive 4 days and 3 nights in a vacation home, within steps from the beach, in exchange for a write-up (I would have posted a link to the article here...but it never happened...this is another story for another day indeed!). Admittedly, I had too much to drink but I do recall walking 'round the house -- and the beach for that matter -- talking about "I gave you the gift of house!"

Like I literally gave out property, you know? It was domestic -- not international -- housing for four damn days, for crying out loud. SMH

Anyway, I also recall nobody paying me any mind when I said that, because, you know, outside of jokes, it meant nothing. I wasn't suddenly the head matriarch of the family -- that would be my big sissy Dawn by the way (love me some her, from her loyalty to her mac-n-cheese!).We all went on with our lives 'n shit after the getaway, you know? And almost three years later, we might reminisce about the good times but my declaration of four-day independence still meant nothing. They still had to pay for food, drink and other shit.

And fam I mean this in the nicest-yet-realist way. Ride with me. xoxo

Still two years later, sort of, August 14th in fact, I am ready to share my .02 on Charlottesville. Love how my city -- Charlotte without the 'ville that is -- fell in line with the vigils, stances, etc. The Queen cit-tay did what it could do in a couple of days to prove how much it disagrees with the loss of life during the KKK (it is what it is!) march.

On the news, a reporter asked that those attending the march Uptown to bring a flashlight. And it looked like folks did. Mmmkay, cool. I looked at Facebook posts...mmmkay...folks of the Caucasian persuasion showed up. Cool.

But (looks at the white supporters while holding my reading glasses down nose so as to look above the frames)if you went to work, yoga, half-priced wing night at Tavern on the Tracks, etc with your racist- and/or bigoted-ass friends then fuck you, fuck your fake friendship and most importantly, fuck your half-assed support.

Because Charlottesville didn't happen over the weekend. It happened several times before.

IT went down when CMPD killed Keith Lamont Scott. When CMPD killed Jonathan Ferrell, the former Miami football player. When you didn't check your spouse for calling a sister a black bitch just because she got your coffee order wrong. When your brother called a brotha a "nigga who ain't shit", when he said hello to you, because your body is a little sick.

When your boss talked about how he wants to tap that black behind. (He totally offended ALL WOMEN, by the way.)

When your mother told your kids not to visit the nappy-headed kids.

When your friend got her hair braided in a Caribbean spot. Now, I really have no problem with this per se, but to get mad when one is called out for appropriation is hilarious as all fuck.

Dear black people...

You keep calling them friends, but I want nothing to do with anyone who won't speak out (or even better...ACTIVATE) against racism if they are in the majority and I am in the minority. I'll consider them a neighbor, a co-worker/client/customer/etc, an acquaintance...someone I know...but not a friend. Nah.

And I get it. Activism is not for the faint of heart. Last year I stayed home while the protests in Charlotte (without the 'ville) for Keith Lamont Scott went on. It became unsafe Uptown (our version of downtown *sigh*) so I stayed home #reclaimingmytime.

But still, to not SAY a word, except to call the deceased woman a martyr (and in some cases, dismiss the whole thing as "gotten out of hand"!) and to allow Taylor Swift's release news and post-eclipse banter rule any free time -- between back-to-school and NFL/"Kaepernick who?" pre-season shit --, I call them anything but a friend.

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