A few good black men I know. Yes, really.

3:49 PM

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So last week's piece on why black women (some, but not all...*big sigh* at even having to type a disclaimer!) are single was so sick, right? The responses came from all over the world, various backgrounds, marital statuses, etc. Some were divorcees while others never jumped the broom -- unless her house is so cluttered that she literally had to jump over her broom as she rushed out the door for church. SMH

One reader (I hope she is reading this! LOL) brought to my attention that there are at least two reasons as to why we are single, that were not listed. Hell, there are probably two-hunnid more missing in action! But if you or anyone else would like to see a part duex up in here, and care to share some more reasons, hit me up, aiight?

Enough of what some saw as BM bashing. (Hmp, if you think that was bashing, read some of my earlier pieces.) Today I somewhat celebrate good black men that are or have ever been in my life. I state somewhat, because I only know what I see (*shrugs*) and arguably, being a good man is relative. Some might suggest a black male with a legit job -- the one with check stubs with FICA 'n stuff -- makes him a good man. Others, sadly, call him good because he takes care of the seeds he helped produce. In theory, yes, this can make him a good man, but a) he is supposed to take care of his children, according to state and county laws; b) he can be a total azzhole to women and love on his kids, at the same damn time. 

This celebration, bishes (Rick James voice), will omit the following: last names, identifying details such as employment, and TMI. The list will also not equate to the number of "why BW are single" reasons received, because this here is MY list, and mine alone. Y'all feel free to name your good BM in the comment if you'd like, though. 

Note about the comments section: sometimes posting a comment is easy-peasy. Sometimes, it ain't happening. Not sure why, so for now, please post comments on my Facebook until I get around to figuring the glitchy glitch on out, aiight?

Very important: these men aren't perfect. As you read, if you happen to know who I'm referring to, please side-eye me offline. In no particular order:

1. Daddy. I just know I'm his fave because we are just alike. From temper, to stubbornness, to occasional "I simply don't want people around me" moments.

2. Daughter's Daddy. Proof that we can still be cool even though WE are no longer hot for each other.

3. All my male relatives. I had to place all of them in number three because there are simply too many to list. From brothers, to uncles, to cousins, to nephews, to god-brothers and family friends, these men represent well for the bloodline. Many have supported me from the college days to a few years ago, when I made Charlotte my home. 

4. Eric. One of the few online daters I am still friends with. "Sooo why are we not dating?" Stay tuned is all I have to say...

5. Robbie. An online dater who really knows how to date. Pays for everything and will damn near fight you if you pull out your credit/debit card (or fight me, perhaps... lol stay tuned!).

6. Darrin. Hey, boo, hey!!! I often quote you whenever I have more ish to do. "A diva's work is never done."

7. Chris. Can't believe we are still friends and that we have been for over ten years, but everything happens for a reason. 

8. Patrick. You owe me a slice of pound cake for this. Glad to know there are other black writers actually getting paid to do lay it down. Because there are too many "authors" but not enough writers. 

9. College Professor. You took it upon yourself to make sure that chick who snagged all the awards, all the recognition, all the Kool-Aid (#Friday) didn't get the "Outstanding Communications" certificate that is rightfully mine. On behalf of all the introverts who had to compete with the EXTRA extroverts in a small HBCU, thank you. 

10. D. Robinson (I know, but I had to use a last name because his first is super unique). You are great meetup/Facebook group leader who welcomed an out-of-towner like me with open arms during the Jazz Fest. Hope to see you again before the New Year. And, perhaps, in all fairness, I haven't known you long enough to consider you "good", but, wine and chicken legs. 

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