I was a Real SideChick of Charlotte for like five minutes. Here's what happened.

11:51 AM

By now you have heard about the wonderful programming coming to my city, "The Real SideChicks of Charlotte". You know what the premise is: some non-factors I have never heard of claim to be the mistresses of God-only-knows. I gather the cheats are in the professional football, baseball or entertainment (ha!) realms, as history teaches us that many a loose penis can be found in these rich and famous environments. 

I could never to be so lucky...

But for the past year and change your SAH gal has been in a relationship. Oh it was perfect for me, too: he lives about an hour (in traffic) away and is a workaholic like me, no joining-at-the-hips, no control issues, and outside of his complaint about my "too much" drinking, we rarely argued. Until recently, right after the first year dating mark. 

You see, I was trying to avoid being the long-term girlfriend, hanging in there for several years without a wedding. Y'all can have that but I am getting too old to wait (seriously, why should anyone who wants marriage wait past two years?) But I wasn't looking for a quickie thing either and was fine with being a girlfriend for now. When he and I discussed getting married if the relationship progressed, I was cool with my man working crazy hours and needing to sleep instead of driving down to see me. Then it became too much. 

If I had a dollar for every time I cried to him, "I did not sign up for this!"...

Then the excuses became excessive. If it wasn't a work issue, it was a family issue, then another issue. And another. Of course when I asked him if he was seeing someone else, he said no. 

But I knew something was wrong. 

Nobody will ever accuse me of being high maintenance, almost to a fault! So when the few needs I had weren't being met, I questioned him. Demanded explanations. Broke up with him three times and the third time was the charm. So stupid.

Finally, his lies, or partial truths, alternative facts, whatever, made sense. I found his wife's Facebook page. And apparently he has one too, although he swore  to me he didn't do social media. He does it, and he blocked me from knowing it. 

I am hoping the wife will respond to my "other" Facebook inbox message. Not because I suddenly feel like women's empowerment is important, but I want to embarrass the entire shit out of her hubby. Chances are they were probably separated when he contacted me on that site. There is no way he could have been married back then, when things were great (or she doesn't care about his online and offline whereabouts!).

But the truth is (the truth...ha!) my now-ex-boyfriend is married. And he has no idea that I know. He is supposed to come by today to look at my shower head. He closed our morning convo with "I love you." How people lie like this is beyond me and it is taking all that is in me to keep quiet until I hear from the wife, if I hear from her at all. 

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  1. Interesting blog......however; all men lie (yes they do even the supposedly good men). As women we must do better reasesrch. Run a background check, call his parents (they lie for them) even their best friends.

    1. I always run background checks hun. He was able to take advantage of my crazy work schedule and as stated, the fact that I don't need to be joined at the hip.

    2. And if they lie for him, why am I calling the fam and friends?

      No maam, with all due respect, my only fault here is not being a pest. And this will always be my fault because I am too old to go thru fam, friends, phones, jobs,etc.

  2. Yes, we sometimes don't tell the whole truth, however women are the same way. It's the a gender thing, it's an individual thing imo

  3. No part two sorry, but please read this: