My issues with "New Year/New Me" promises (and that doggone "black woman stepping into a new year" meme!)

8:45 AM

Despite having good intentions, many social media enthusiasts (read: mostly single women who just want a voice in a world where marriage and engagements are celebrated much more than educational or career-based achievements, but I digress, because I am pretty sure I have harped on this several times already) pointlessly took to their platforms of choice to declare that yearly thing that shows up between December 26 and January 2: the New Year/New Me BS.


When did New Year declarations ever pan out the way I we want them to? By Dr. King's Weekend in mid January, the plans to attack the month with new 'ish are all over and you're unchanged as ever. You'll eventually find yourself, cold, settling in February for Valentine's Day with a gang of girlfriends, still cold, and at Superbowl parties -- when your team sucked so bad in the preceding season that you don't care who wins -- scoffing down nachos and taco and beer...oh my! There goes the promises to meet a guy and to get in shape, respectively.

In the cold...

Granted, there are those who manage to stick it out past resolution season, heading to gyms, schools and other places where New Yous are born. These people already had a solid plan in place though. And they make me sick. 

Meanwhile, everyone else is still whining over Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve lip sync flub -- as if she gives any fucks about us little people! -- and a handful of us are still laughing at CNN's Don Lemon, who got white-gal wasted on live TV that same last night of the year.

He gives no fucks either. This is actually awesome to me.

It also explains why that stepping into the New Year meme gets on my nerves. For starters, we care too much about letting the world know we want life changes. And, where the changes at?

For those who haven't the foggiest idea as to what I am referring to:
Each year, the years on the steps are updated. So, this one would be changed to reflect "buh-bye, 2016...2017, hey girl!" *sigh*

There are similar memes floating around black Twitter, with bags "we" need to leave behind, that kill my soul, as well:

And the memes are always directed at blacks (read: black women), as if we are the only ones in need of New Year stepping, bag-trading and the like.(Update: while I did find a meme for the fellas, I think it's just a parody piece that's about three years overdue.)

Look, soon America will be under the leadership of a man who stands for everything that's wrong with the country. A man who would rather defend Russia when the feds already determined some shitty hacking has been going down. Y'all busy worrying about being new people, but your rights are several votes and vetos away from being all but a distant memory.

Okay, maybe you don't need Obamacare or LGBT equality. Your family, friends and employees do, though. Too bad you'd rather spend time on the New Year/New Me BS and ignore the people who have been in your corner since you've effed up in years past.

Can we instead actually do something different this New Year? Anything different? Like, go 'head and give that ultimatum, that 30-day notice, that signed document for the home or the divorce. Join a local advocacy group. Give Trump one term or less. Give Trump one term or less. Give Trump one term or less.

Do you. Mess up. Do you some more. No need to pontificate. 2017 has got to be about action, dolls. Action outside of meme sharing, that is.

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