Why too much independence is never enough/How the NC GOP tried to steal Christmas

10:12 AM

Spoiler alert, only fuckboys and their enablers think that women can be too independent.

Oh the weather outside... isn't nearly as frightful as what the hell's going on in politics. Charlotte alone is up to some shady business as the city council could end up reinstating what they reinstated the other day. Huh? 

Thank God for independent thinking, even though North Carolina considers me an "unaffiliated" voter. I don't need to kiss any Republican ass, just like I've never needed an insecure man-child. This is why for the life of me I don't understand people (read: fuckboys) who complain that women are too independent. Hello? We need all the independence we can find, especially down here. 

My Midwest sister-in-blog, Shayla, shared what I didn't think would be as eye-opening as it was. Perhaps the company I keep is "woke" because somewhere in the country, it is almost 2017, and having too much independence is a thing. I am afraid some of the women believing this mess are millennials, too. What the hell are we old heads doing to make too much independence a thing today? In almost 2017? Where did we go wrong?

(I am not 100 percent too independent (annoyingly cute alert): I made a small Honey-Do list for my Diggie. And he doesn't even live with me. But if we are spending Christmas weekend together, just us, he get chores, too. If I were entertaining my damn self, I wouldn't need to get shit done but make sure the DirecTV bill is paid on time. Now I do have real plans, so here I go with the list. Message sent.)

Independence is never too much, girls. In a world where pussy grabbing and fat shaming is the norm, one has to be free to do whatever she wants to without backlash from the useless. Trust, they are always useless. 

Say it with me: we (clap) cannot (clap) be (clap) too (clap) in (clap) de (clap) pen (clap) dent! 

I now live in a state where women's rights are up for grabs -- you know, because the GOP always have our backs, just like they always have black folks' backs!  Whether it's the Bathroom Bill, or the state government stripping most of the rights away from the Governor-elect, women aren't safe. Who the hell are we supposed to depend on down here? 

I'll tell you who: Our.Selves.

Independence is never too much, when your vote doesn't count and you have to choose to stay in the Tarheel State and make shit work or leave for a bluer, truer state and face a higher cost of living,what if we had no choices at all? McCrory's sinister ass could've tried to make all of us stay put until our drivers licenses expired, which means I would be forcefully stuck for three years.

Independence is never too much when you join Pantsuit Nation in November to learn in December that the head in charge landed a book deal. Thousands are left wondering if their private stories shared will be used as fodder. The authoring pretty much comes to no surprise to my snarky ass, only I was expecting more of a media tour at first. Still thinks she was shady boots though; the book title --along with the number of pages! -- is already found on Barnes and Noble's website, and hell no I won't post the link here. Independently, I can share my own stories. Too much independence, as a writer? Please.

Too much independence is only problematic for those threatened by the presence of you. If the Governor-elect has all the power, where could that possibly leave the GOP? Dolls, if you can treat yourself to the Cheescake Factory with or without a Groupon, where does that leave ole fuckboy?

Folks and their insecurities, they surely need to leave their marks in your world, right? Consequently, the next time a fuckboy or his enabling female accomplice gives you a too-independent warning, you give that sum-bish your light or gas bill to pay, you know, for Christmas.

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