No, you cannot tell me you are a good person.

4:37 PM

My man. No, I am not ready to reveal all about him. I used to feel like I had to do that, tell all and blog all, as some sort of proof to my five readers that I am single but dating. But eff that. That meme I keep seeing, about being private about your dating life and loud about your marriage, comes to mind. (I cannot find the meme; I swear whenever I am looking for something that's always around, I can't find it.)

Things are going as well as they could between us, but I am still learning his "interesting" ways. Like his need to ignore clocks and call early, stop by early, leave early to meet for a date (okay, so traffic in Charlotte can be leave-early worthy at times, but come on son!). Or his need to view every single thing as black or white...this or that. But there is one of his ways that keeps me side-eying him to death though. And that's when he be announces "I am a man of honor."

Okay, is there a camera crew lurking in the bushes? Has dude signed a deal with Bravo and has "Real Housewives" finally come to Charlotte? Because I cannot get for the life of me his point of telling me how honorable he is. After it took him a whole week to bring the heater to my house. After I've waited for him for three hours to tell me he had to stay late at work the other day. (I'd already figured as much because of the type of classified work he does, but he could have texted something.) A man of honor? Just stop. 

We are already here. Together. About to celebrate the holidays together. There is no need to make declarations on anything. He's like an amateur sales person who talks so much he's about to lose the sale...after the contract's been signed! Shut up and show me what else dat mouth do, please. 

There is nothing cute about telling me who you are. I have to see that shyt. My ex used to kill me with saying "I'm a good man". I still crack the hell up at the thought of him fixing his crusty lips to even put those words together. 

Most dudes are probably guilty of talking 'bout how good the sex is. How big that thang is. Meanwhile, a handful of them can deliver on these promises. I get it though: they say these things to get the booty. Perhaps I fell for it a time or two. Per.Haps. 

Donald Trump is living proof that men need to learn how to shaddup. But he nor the rest of y'all won't, I know y'all won't, but just be warned, on behalf of the ladies, you need to. Remember, women remember everything you say. We stay downloading. So that one time your words don't get supported by your actions, you've fucked up.

I have yet to tell him that telling me about how great he is, gets on my damn nerves...

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