Dear Singles Over 40, Please Be Not-So-Scared to Date in 2017

4:56 PM

One of the best ways to stay single -- again, this is not a bad thing, but I get it, because for society, it is a bad thing...whatever! -- is to stay away from where the potential is. And in this day and age, much of that potential is online. So read this first then sign up for a site or two. Because I am sick and tired of reading stories from my age crew about how scurred they are to try online dating or how fed up they are after one bad date. 

By now it is pretty well accepted that online dating can lead to serious romance. It is no longer creepy. Say it with me: "Online.Dating.Is.No.Longer.Creepy." Yet some of you keep allowing horror stories to dictate what online dating is like. And don't think for a minute that I am not dismissive of those horror stories. They happen. But I've met dates offline and they have turned into horror stories as well. Hello, this is what the first year of SAH was made of, an offline love story gone to shits. 

People over 40 who do try to click or swipe their way to love, but also quit after two or three tries, get the side-eye, too. So you mean to tell me of the thousands of active users in or near your city, you're gonna invoke the three-strike rule? After giving a dude 20-30 years of your life without a RANG?! 

Ooops. Whose boot did I just step on?

This is not a "how to" find the one online, find a spouse online...none of this, because the answer is to try again. And again. That's fucking it. You can take all the fat-sucked-in, tit-pushed-out selfies in the world. You can also hire my ass to write your profile that will read so well, to the point where you'd date yourself (I do still write stuff for a living). But if you're gonna stay scared, allow the "I don't do online dating" naysayers to rule your thoughts and no longer take leaps simply because you're 40-something, there ain't more to be said. Seriously, save your money on books, seminars and other stuff. If you're scared, say you're scared. 

Meanwhile, let the other chick (probably a part of that under-40 crew, because she's woke to how dating works these days) meet your man and live the life you are supposed to. And learn how to be're already single so...

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