"Roommate" wanted in Charlotte

11:40 AM

So I can't help but wonder if he is seriously looking for a roomate. I smell BS all day. Let's speculate, shall we? (Click image below and read the ad.)

He wants a relationship. Hey, all you fixer-uppers out there, here you go! My bad, if you are SAH you are not into fixer uppers, right? I SAID RIGHT?! So, pass this along to your girls; we all know at least one fixer-upper whisperer. His "chillin" selfie screams "let's be 'friends' until you help me land a high-paying job".

He is a blamer, and cannot be trusted. Anyone, male or female, who dares to take him in will be in for months of effing excuses (Beyonce voice) as to why he cannot pay the "up to $750" as agreed. How do I know this? Because he used the race card. Dude, Federal Housing laws are real and while there are a few jerks who will not rent to people of color, this is not commonplace anymore. Maybe, just maybe, the credit score is why everyone is so prejudice against you. Ha!

He wants someone who already has their 'ish together. This is because, well, he doesn't. (Fine, who doesn't want a roommate with their own place or willing to help sign a lease? The problem here is that he actually admits it with no care in the world, because he requires them to have their 'ish together. Because, he doesn't.) 

Yep, seems legit to me. 

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