Why I no longer have love for Chachi

5:09 PM

...because I needed a reason to finally talk politics on the blog. Don't worry, I'll be brief.

The political season is bringing out the worst in people. No surprise there.

And sometimes those persons of (little) interest are a part of our 70s-80s childhood. A childhood before basic cable. A childhood where crushing on white men and boys was quite the norm for a black girl living a somewhat middle income life.

Enter: Scott Baio -- "Happy Day's" Chachi (and Charles In Charge's Charles -- but I never watched much of that show, so for the purpose of this piece I'm calling dude Chach). Yes, Happy Days, a hit TV sitcom based on the glory days of the 50s and 60s in the U.S., and during a time when many Blacks had little to dance around the clock about.

Chachi's portrayal of a pint-sized bad boy who went on to make a woman out of Joanie Cunningham, made me tune into ABC and await his Arnold's arrival like he was my man. Hell, until he married ole girl and they went off into the sunset known as the short-lived "Joanie Loves Chachi", he was my man. My first interracial love thing. He just didn't know it.

Perhaps had he known that I and many other little black girls of the 70s (I'm sure!) had a thing for him, he wouldn't have grown into the Trump-loving beast he is today. Not only is Chachi riding Trump -- like a leather-jacket-clad Fonzie glided in water skis as he jumped over a shark in the most bizarre sitcom episode known to couch potatoes everywhere (that crap was arguably the kiss of death for Happy Days, and the birth of the phrase "jumped the shark") -- he's also bashing POTUS with ignorant-filled hate posts on Facebook!

Keep in mind, I do recall reading something last year on his page that I didn't agree with, but the adult thing to do is agree to disagree, right? Washed up white male actors and middle-aged black bloggers are bound to disagree on something, right? So I let him have his little moment. I had no idea how much of an arrogant bigot he is though .

You see this ish?!
Source: Facebook

This one grinded my gears this morning. Don't nobody mess with praying people:
Source: Facebook

Chach, I used to heart you...reruns and all.

At a time where the U.S. needs love...sweet love...(am I telling my age or what?!), Chachi chooses to use his social media platform to add fuel to the fire of racism, a fire folks swear don't exist -- because you know, "all lives matter". Did we not just watch three days of violence against blacks and law enforcement alike? Is the fight for justice over? Then why in the hell would he pick today to share such foolishness? I mean, they just said goodbye to the Dallas police officers a little over 24 hours ago, and Chach wanna take an image from the memorial and destroy it, with his "opinion".

Now I'm not saying dude shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion, but to question the POTUS' praying ways and to spew garbage against Obama...as an actor, not a political expert ...it's ludicrous. It also shows he cares nothing about a portion of his fan base.

I grew up on Happy Days, even though none of the actors looked like me. And until he dissed the POTUS, I loved me some Chachi.

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