100 days of being single and happy: boring!

3:00 PM

I have been sitting on this since Friday. 

What exactly do you say when you've reached day 100 of being Single and Happy in 2016? How do you come at folks on the 100th 101st day of the daily (sort of) FB status updates many of you have liked and commented on? They have been funny, sad and probably annoying at times. But, I'm happy.

And for the most part, my happy sucks. There it is. Being SAH this year so far, is a complete snoozefest.

(Once again)I am sure that I have brought some disappointment to those who called me the black Carrie Bradshaw, the next Tyler Perry movie, the next big blogger-slash-author who would make it offline. Throughout the five years of SAH, I've had a few people "tell" me I wasn't happy at all! Therapists have truly wasted their money on schooling n stuff, because there are folks running around these internet streets with homemade degrees and medical practices...chile! 

Don't believe that I -- a writer who has been known for ruffling a feather or 1,000s with blog posts that sting and social media updates that scold -- can be boring? And how can said writer, who has a daughter heading to college this year, is embarking on a new real estate career and found love a lot of like, be boring enough to express how boring being SAH is? Go to the Facebook page, start from New Years Day. Things get lame around mid-January, from going back to the online dating scene (Day 10: "Google showed me his mugshot."), to trying my hand at Real Estate with a class and those damn quizzes it came with. (Day 21: "It was then I understood the importance of saving a tree in North Carolina). I clearly was lost in that thing. 

And apparently I'm more cold-natured than I'd thought; on Day 20, I was "too cold for goals." Really?

Some days, I was so boring that I didn't know what to share. Shortly after Carolina lost the Super Bowl to New England, day 32, I decided to put on my fancy pants and be like Cam (Newton). Huh?

And no, I don't recall having a drink in my hand when I came up with that one. But, it may seem like I probably do drink just a lil too much though. Wrote about hitting "that store" one day, looked for champagne for some reason on another day and on another day I reevaluated a past relationship, with wine. Good grief...

But I'm SAH.

And for those who know the word of prayer, I'm not as sickly as some of my updates might have suggested either. Could stand to drink more water and I just got back into working out. I'll be aiight, which means there goes another chance to make my life seem not so boring...

In the midst of sneezin', studyin' and drinkin' cupid came by. Actually, he made his appearance in the Fall of 2015 and reappeared in late January, shortly after my 43rd birthday No, you don't need to play catch up. I didn't write much about him, if at all. Don't plan to either...

But do you recall my day-after-Valentine's Day, Day 46? "With a friend?" That would be him...hee hee!

I will say this though: he is equally as boring as I -- if not more so, he ain't even on FB! He likes the Discovery Channel, listens to NPR on satellite radio, and our spending of time consists of sleep more than anything else. So we are two bored souls out here in a land of constant selfies and a world of overdone social media shares. 

So how can I be happy?

Y'all still don't get it, do you? After five years of being SAH, you don't understand what happiness is. It's rarely about what you see in others and more about what's inside you. It can be the stuff made of the last season of Sex and the City. It can resemble the end of a Tyler Perry joint. 

Or, it can be something different. Because my happy ain't supposed to match your happy. This statement alone should make you happy as hell! 

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  1. I. Love. This! Your happy ain't supposed to match my happy. And yeah, Bae & I are equally boring. It's called being grown lol!