Well...we ARE magical. Deal with it.

12:12 PM

Soooo the #blackgirlmagic movement is ruffling feathers huh? One little hashtag causes a stir of ridiculous, Powerball-size proportions. Boo freaking hoo.

I'd give out hugs to ease the unnecessary pain caused by the self love. Might get choked though. I'd still find a way to bounce back; folks would be even more mad though.

Why though?

Because I have yet to hear any feathers ruffling over "blondes have more fun". Nothing about "good black man" either. In fact, there is little to nothing said about the foolishness that goes against what #blackgirlmagic stands for.

For the people in the back: The hashtag represents all that is wonderful -- magical -- about black girls (and/or women...I know how some of you get when women are called girls...iSigh!). All that seems impossible, like the woman who still took her exam while in labor, or Rosa Parks, or Oprah. Heck, I'll even put Beyonce in the mix. Did you see how the crowd reacted to her 30-second appearance on Lip Sync Battle?! 


The hashtag, #blackgirlmagic means we do what others claim we can't or won't do. Like break barriers in a white-dominated field (Serena anyone?). Like raise our kids, your kids, the neighbors'...like many of our moms, grandmoms and aunties have done. Like hold positions in city, state and federal governments, in places where mandates aren't always designed in our favor. 


The hashtag is necessary because y'all had no problem with Sweet Brown of "time fo' dat" fame, or even when the latest chick acted a damn fool after house fire. (Acting a fool would have been the last thing on my mind after escaping a blaze, but maybe that's just me...) Back in the day, several of you gave Anita Hill so much grief. Today, y'all give Beverly Johnson so much more grief, thanks to Internet thuggin'. 

But Sweet damn Brown is cool?

I get it, as long as we are entertaining, coddling, behind-scene clapping, kissing, twerking, wiping, sucking or doing anything else that we can't win awards for, it's okay. But one word...one hashtag...#blackgirlmagic...is a problem? 

Ha! There's magic in that little hashtag after all. Stay mad. 
Folks be mad like...
And good day. 

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