Reversed decision: A Single and Happy review of Rodan + Fields' REVERSE

8:38 AM

Nobody wants to admit that aging is a crap shoot for those who don't seek the intervention of a plastic surgeon. So, let  Rodan + Fields REVERSE admit it for you!

The makers of Proactiv have done it again. They have managed to pack a few minutes of worry (who over 40 is spending hours in the mirror staring at their face these days?) into a beautiful collection of trust. You have to believe R+F, because you believed Proactiv when you were younger. 

They do know what a face needs though: Reverse's four-step rejuvenation system is great for exfoliation, skin brightening and deep cleansing you'd expect from the R + F name. 

Step one alone does it for my combo/mostly dry skin. I can feel the exfoliation massage my pores like I treated it to dinner the night before. While I don't have a before and after image to share--you wouldn't be able to see the difference anyway--the face is cleaner, a little brighter and aging has taken a back seat where it belongs. 

But, you'd have to keep it up, day after day, and eventually twice a day. The lady of "ain't nobody got time for that" fame came to mind on several occasions. Not to judge anyone who would have time; in fact I admire your organizational skills and ability to make a system like Reverse your new normal before 9 am and after 5 pm. 

Still, with a retail price of $160 I expected much more.

But, no worries. Reverse is not for the low-maintenanced, the one who spends no more than three minutes washing a face (raises hand). Reverse is for those who want that weekly beauty night, twice a day. I just don't see how anyone could stick to the recommended regimen, but I'm sure it's possible.

For me? Nope, not possible. It would be less than fair to offer further opinion describing the short lived impact on my face Reverse has left.

Did I mention how non-OCD I am? As I went to reach for step three's-half-of-a- step or whatever that is, it suddenly went missing in action. It decided one morning it just did not want to be a part of the regimen, and you know what, I wasn't going to spend the extra five minutes looking for it!

I figured it gave up just like I did, eventually.

Looking for a quick fix? Put your credit card in reverse, back into your wallet. Looking for one product that will exfoliate in the shower? Stop at step one and go back to living your life.

Please don't take my word for it (but if you do, try it for step one!). Contact Alicia Waldman, Reverse extraordinaire: or 706.206.8943.  She has free samples waiting for you at!

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