Let it snow (and let the man be a man and shovel that ish!)

3:05 PM

So now that the birthday weekend shenanigans are behind me, I have a chance to catch up on some work. And by work, I mean reflect on what I've seen on social media this week. 

Several days ago I peeked into the FB feed to see how everyone in the Northeast made out after last weekend's #blizzard2016 which kept many on lock-down for three days or more.

Yes, even us Charlotteans got hit with the white stuff...and I became suddenly addicted to more reality TV and a concoction of Apple Crown Royal and Tea (thanks, Rachelle!).

Anyway, it appears men are passing the shovel to their women nowadays. Perhaps I should no longer be surprised at a) what some women tolerate in the name of riding or dying...yuck, and b) what some men will or will not do just for the sake of being "da men". I mean, how many times have you heard men complain about not receiving the chance to be men. 

They cry "chivalry isn't dead!" until it's time to get down. 

And by getting down, I mean getting down into a few feet of snow with a snow blower or shovel while their women stay put in the house. 

This thing where men are allowing their baes to step into frigid weather to rid their cars and sidewalks of the white stuff must be new. I've never had to shovel while any man was with me. Not even the ones who only served as "penile intervention" would let me schlep snow, so I dunno why some wives are cool with able-bodies husbands who allow it.

Is this what some of y'all mean when you use #team (insert last name here)? 'Cause last time I watched those Carolina Panthers win a game, they were one team with different positions. There is only one Cam Newton. Not two. Unless Cam couldn't perform. There is only one blind side, Micheal Oher. Not two. One kicker...you get the point. Play your damn position,make hot chocolate and let your man tackle that ish outside.

And It's not about women being sucked back into the Stone Age. We aren't helpless because we stayed out butts inside and prepared hot chocolate with just the right amount of milk. It's not about being lazy either. It's about some of y'all who wear marriage and long-term situationships like plastic badges of honor -- while looking down at us pitiful singles -- while your men think it's okay for y'all to shovel some damn snow. A man should never be okay with it. Never.

By the way, where was the man who'd impregnated the 18-year-old from Pennsylvania who died while shoveling snow even though her family told her "it probably wasn’t a good idea"? Probably? Really?!

Look, I am one of the last women to push gender roles on anyone. We as women are able-bodied and ready for whatever winter brings our way. But the point isn't "well I can do it". It's "baby, you don't have to."

As long as you're someone's woman, you should never have to. Never. The end. 

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  1. Yesss to all of this! And bahahahahahaha to "penile intervention"!

    1. Hee hee.
      (That darn Crown Apple and tea...and free wifi access.)