Chi Butter product review: what's worse than being messy?

11:17 AM

So Zoe Ever After premiered on BET last night. I recorded it because...sorry, if Brandy isn't Moesha or Chardonay, I just can't. 

Her new comedy isn't half bad though: She is separated from a famous boxer, a man she'd been married to for 20 years (note: at the end of the show, they signed divorce papers in Zoe's kitchen but a lawyer would have to receive them for it to count, no?). Both parties have moved on, although they are no longer together and have been separated for just a year. They argue, in front of their 8-year-old son, too. Can you say messy?! 

What could be worse than messiness? Being ashy. 
Don't let the coldness put you into a dry state of mind. I recommend Chi Butter by Chi's Naturale. Chi Butter (I have the hair formula, which works great on the skin, too. I'm sure the skin version works just as wonderfully!) takes your skin and drapes love all over it. Like my late grandmother's homemade quilts. Like a good friend hugging you after you've saved the day for her. Like a Saturday morning in bed...with the biggest...mug in the world (for your hot tea, of course). Mmm hmmm...

Owner Richita Jones created this butter with love. Like she is one of those types who cares about people they never even met. Some will give the shirt of your back. Richita gives you the moisture from her soul. 

A practical option for those with normal to dry skin, Chi Butter is as close to raw Shea butter as it gets. This means it isn't that soft. That's why you must let is warm in the palms of your hands first, like you would with the raw stuff. Other ingredients include: sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and fragrance oils. Don't let the term "fragrance oil" scare you though: I use this butter on my skin on a regular basis with no issues whatsoever! 

Where to buy
Visit and learn about both the skin and hair versions of Chi Butter. For customized orders contact Richita at

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  1. Great review! I'll have to check Chi butter out because here in the Midwest...let's just say it's becoming ashy central here.