Product review: Kissy Face lip color

12:07 PM

Shea butter, almond oil and beeswax. Nope, not in my hair this time. 

It's a lippy and when your lips are soup-cooler status, you need something complementary yet safe (I've never broken out on the lips before...and I don't plan on waking up to breakouts anytime soon!)

I have moisture first aid, with style, for the coming winter months. Thanks to Lamiena Burns' Kissy Face organic lip color line. "All of our products are made from natural oils. Kissy Face is dedicated to making women feel beautiful, one shade at a time," says Lamiena. (Scroll down for the "where to buy" part.)

I know dolls, you might think that "organic" screams...blah, bland and really?! But for me, less is more and the hint of pop is just what the lip doctor ordered. The prescription for my chap lips? Muave, a perfect-for-fall subtly pigmented shade for those work and play days where running home isn't a sensible option. 

With that first stroke upon my bottom lip that moisture kicked in like yasss!  While I did have to apply more than I usually would (when you have big lips there is no need to overstate all!) I don't mind soaking in some ingredients that are probably edible. It's organic, dolls. Please note, in the image above if might not look like much color at all but I am trying this on in the office and only applied one coat.

Check out what Mauve can do for you from day to night. Notice the pop, yet the modest behavior. Don't worry; if you must shine bright like a diamond the Kissy line has some bold goodness for you, like Smooches, a no-apologies bright pink that commands whatever it wants to. 

My lips aren't having all the fun either; I dabbed the color into my cheekbones for that "Black girls blush, too!" situation I like to have from time to time. 

Carry on. Literally. 
The color isn't as long-lasting as some makeup-nistas may be accustomed to. Simply bring along Kissy and reapply when need be. 

This holiday season, your makeup routine deserves a healthy dose of Kissy Face. Give the lip line a try. Available now for $10, online.

Where to buy (and how to reach Lamiena)
Periscope: @kissyfacelipstick
LinkedIn: Lamiena Burns

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  1. Definitely sold on this one! Been looking for organic lipstick for ages! Great post!