Now smell this: Daveeda Jane Body Oils product review

11:17 AM

Baby Powder. Pink Sugar. Rise. No, these aren’t suggestive song titles (although one of these is a tribute to the hottest chick in the game. More on that later.). These are the latest fragrance oils by Daveeda Jane. I know, sometimes “oils” scream on-sale-at-a-curb-near-you. But thing of it as doing your skin a favor instead.

You see, Daveeda Jane’s line are made from natural oils with only a hint of fragrance. Long-lasting, my wrists smell like a million bucks, compared some cheap perfumes I come across -- that hit me like ton of bricks! -- at any given social function. A half of a dab is all you need. Please use sparingly!
Of the collection, I tried Baby Powder, Pink Sugar and my fave, Rise.
Yes, I rise!
I didn’t think I would like “Rise”. Anytime I smell something that is inspired by a bigger brand (in this case, Beyonce’s Rise fragrance) I prepare for the let down. Having typed this, I only smelled Bey’s version once at a counter so it’s not like I have it with me to do a complete side-by-side comparison. Rise is my favorite of the three oils received. I can see myself choosing it over several of my perfumes whenever I want something different. I just hope nobody asks me if the smell is due to Beyonce’s Rise, or even worse, if it’s supposed to be Bey’s Rise…

Baby, Baby, Baby…
Baby Powder is infused with that gentle baby-powdery smell you’ve gotten used to all these years. I wonder if the powers-that-be at Johnson’s and Johnson’s had some sort of private meeting with Daveeda. The kind of meeting that might be held on a golf course on a Saturday morning or in a stuffy office one fine Sunday, where nobody, not even an earbud-wearing janitor, can be found.

Sugar shouldn’t be pink
Pink Sugar isn’t quite for me. I smell like a cliché. I remind myself of church mother who gives out that hard candy nobody can buy because we don’t know where to find it. Sure, we could Google it, I guess, but that’s not the point.  Having typed this, it’s clearly not my oil of choice, but many people may like Pink Sugar; I hear it’s a hit.  
Where to buy
Daveeda Jane Body Oils can be found all over the net: Facebook at; IG at 

I would check out the site first: the Daveeda Jane’s  CustomerRewards Program will give you the chance to earn redeemable points on future purchases. Whether you’re already a registered customer or just became a new customer, you can take advantage of outstanding savings, just in time for the holidays. Learn more about the rewards program here.

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