The case of the missing engine

11:56 AM

So I was on my way back to Charlotte from visiting the Civil Rights Museum in 
Downtown Greensboro -- the home of the 
60's Woolworth counter sit-ins; you HAVE 
to go! As I creeped closer into the Charlotte traffic I thought I'd give a listen to Old 
School 105. DJ 06 is a big deal here and he came through, sorta...

When he dropped Black Sheep's "The Choice is Yours" I almost lost it. I waited as I sat on 
29 North somewhere in Carrabus County (because I85 was a mess!) for that too-famous
line, the line DJs ONLY play at parties and cookouts. You know the line... "Engine engine number nine. On the NY transit line. If my train goes off the track..." 
Yasss! Dude didn't play it. Oh he played the "You can get with this, you can get with that" part. 
But the hell?! How do you leave out the engine engine? Ugh! It was then that I realized what was missing in my online dating life. The engine engine. 
That thing that makes me jump out of bed, turn a Monday into a Friday. Turn Tax Day 
into Christmas Day. Yep, that thing. I'm too much of free spirit for boring dudes. And 
that's a shame because the boring are usually the most easy-going and drama-free. For the most part, and out side of the psychopaths I've met, there seems to be a new-
school pen pal thing going on in online dating. I can't. I work made jobs. I have a 
daughter graduating HS in June. Can't sit and write to these dudes for free. And why 
should I? "Hey. How r u?" "Whatcha doin'?" And here is my all time fave, when I tell them I write for a living: "Oh I want to write 
too, but I don't have time." 
Because writing is a hobby in the eyes of everyone but writers... But this is neither here nor there; they all are missing the engine engine and I can't...

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