So...what if your man is gay?

12:31 PM

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT come at me with an attitude about how I am anti-LGBT. Far from the truth. Just keep reading though, because, welp, this might be about your thoughts, and your man.

To supplement my writing income and wine habit, I became an Uber driver. (So if you're in Charlotte, holler. As long as I'm on duty perhaps we can meet.) In doing so I have discovered another reason to talk about folks on this blog. Gotta love people who are not boring! Ha! 

So this weekend was the great Pride Festival, the city's biggest LGBT parade and weekend celebration. Have y'all heard of the Prancing Elite? Yo! They were out'chea! 
Anyway, I worked, as a driver, on Saturday. First pickup was a slim white dude with shoulder-length hair, dressed in tie-dyed shorts. I just knew where I was taking him to.

"We're going back into the city..."

I just KNEW where "in the city", so here I go: "Gonna check out Pride?"

Uh no, going to my girlfriend's house. But we may check it out later this evening. He went on to suggest that Saturday night should be poppin'. 

Why would a straight man suggest this? 


As I'm traveling down South Boulevard, with Uptown's landscape in clear sight on such a beautiful day for a Pride fest, dude takes a call: "So and so's hair look sooo nice! She used (some product I ain't never heard of) but to make a long story short, her hair looked sooo nice!"


Nice house...I arrive to the drop-off spot, his ranch-style abode. What an impressive plant game and  I told him this. Definitely the green thumber. He thanked me but like us girls do, he came back with a negative response: "but I need to cut my grass..." 


Okay, nothing wrong with supporting the community as a straight person, but honey, what if your man likes men, too? I wonder if that would prompt her to leave, or get into a threesome, the ones the rappers won't talk about? 

Ladies, what if your man is gay? He may eat that thang like groceries (true story), slang peen from Queens to Brooklyn (true story!) and well, you've never seen him with men (true.damn.story). But in the back of your mind, I you will always he gay?

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