Is "boring" overrated? Part 3

9:24 AM

Hell naw he never made it to my hole abode. Just thought I'd save some time here. Keep reading if you want to hear more about him, but it's boring. He is boring.

All of a sudden he doesn't have time to see me (surprise surprise) and even though he blew my phone up while I was in New Orleans for Essence Fest when I returned home? Nothing.

"I don't like talking on the phone."


"Sorry but I'm just not a communicator."

Again, what?!

Where was this announcement before he tried to get some? Grown ass man don't want to talk. He said earlier he's not a big texter so the hell are we supposed to do?

"I'd rather see you in person."

Okay so I guess this means we are going to try a date night, huh?


The day came for our date. At this point I hadn't seen dude in two weeks plus because we were both out of town. So I grew excited to see his caramel ass. And I was looking forward to live music. And something other than the Wine Vault. Love this place but it's time for a martini.

"I ended up at the Wine Vault."

This mofo! Are you serious?! I am done. Who the hell sends a text like this 30 minutes before a date. 

And Wine Vault again? We met there, I write there. Why there?! 

And I "love" how he "ended" up there, like his car won't drive anywhere else. 

And he didn't bother to ask me if I was cool with heading back there either. 

Yes. I really loved that part! 
Of course I called his ass the next day--calling him the day of would have had him in tears so I did him a favor and took 24 hours to calm down. 

He had nothing to say. No apologies. No promise of a do-over. No reason for the sudden change of mind. The call was one sided, and my side was on fire.

When I finally asked him if he HAD something to say: 

______. Cue the crickets.

"Welp you did say you're not a communicator but really?"

"Yeah...and I've been told by others that I'm not a communicator..."

And what exactly do you plan on doing about it? You are 45 effing years old. A grandpa. An IT professional. If you don't set your passive-aggressive ass down...

"Okay, take care." I hung up, never to talk to him again. 

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