Is "boring" overrated? Part 2

12:54 PM

So I'm not going to beg no man to check into church. Who's to say Mr. Aftermath may never come around anyway? We continued to talk while I began thinking of our first real date...because it is coming: 

"We need to continue the conversation..."

Well that doesn't mean date but he'll after a few calls and texts, hello? By the end of the week I'm thinking, date.

We had a date, sort of. We met up in University at the Boardwalk for drinks. He talked about meeting up with his boy...huh? Are you now in a hurry? Really?! 

And that heat got me all buzzed and stuff. 7pm in the evening, feeling like 3 in the afternoon. Dude sweating bullets but when I suggested we take things inside he said naw. 

So I tried to get a good conversation going, while being careful not to interrogate. His mumbling ass did me in though. Like, what??? Excuse me? I'm sorry, what?!

Then I must have said or done something cray because...

Wayment, did he just invite himself over my house? How he going from zero to a hunnid real quick like that? Any sort of a buzz in me has melted away like ice on a freshly paved parking lot (at 3 in the afternoon at that). What is going on out here y'all?! 

Should I be surprised that a man feels it's okay to invite himself to my house after the first real date? Even if he's in his mid 40s and should know better? Ugh. Can't.

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