Is "boring" overrated? (Part 1)

7:45 AM

I know it's been like 100 minutes since I've touched this blog, but a sister does more than blog about being single and happy honey bunches of oats. 

So let's see the last time we spoke I was celibate. Welp...I still am!

 Welp, sort of... so, activity without peen is third base, yes? What do you call it when you let an old friend...never mind...

Before any action down there took place I was truly single, happy and celibate because I don't count anything requiring batteries hands. So there I was being all the above (ha!), minding my business and trying to get some work done for a resume client when two guys sat across from me. We all were wining al fresco as if it hasn't been a hunnid degrees down here(smh) and one of the men asked me to join them.

"I'm actually working...aww damn, battery's low...okay, here I come!"

And this is how I met Mr. Afterlife--past the "mid-life crisis stage" which means he's gotten all the fun, obnoxious shut out of his system and what is left of his being is a big bore.

But of course it didn't start off that way. He was charming. Intelligent. Sexy phone voice. So what happened? As with most, his true self appeared about a month later. 

I'll get to that soon. Lemme tell you how I thought this caramel dude -- 5'7...yeah, I know...decent shape for 45 years old and good IT job with the bank -- was gonna be my summer boo. I just knew he would be the reason I'd lose all my celibacy. Please...

First strike was he doesn't go to church. I mean he has no intention on going. No "imma make it one day". No "I can't find a church I like". No reason or excuse for miles. My issues isn't so much about him not being in tune with Him but about the fact that he just gave zero effs about it. He's too old to not have an opinion formulated. (To be continued...)

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