The Challenger

8:12 PM

Some time last week, this fine ass dude pulls up in his Challenger & asks for my number. He calls later in the evening and we have a nice conversation. Not going into too many details, but I was kinda feeling him. The red flag: he was 29. Ugh! I really am a cougar y'all.

So, Challenger met me yesterday at Cheesecake Factory. I was early, ordered a drink and when he finally arrived, we continued our convo. He ordered nothing and when the check came, didn't offer to pay. Red flag two.

He texts me later in the evening he wanted to see me. I sent a smiley face. He asked to see me tonight. I said nope.

The next day, he explained he wanted to stay because he had no place to sleep that night!

Nah bruh. You're done. Sleep in your Challenger

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