Get your life

8:25 AM

Does getting older have to mean being older?  I get getting older. I mean it’s either do that or die.

But TV Land’s newest hit series, Younger, reminds us 40-something gals that we can age without being aged. It doesn't have to be forced either. Learn a few millennial things here and there...and it helps to keep your ears to the street to begin with,  and not be locked into a shell of a marriage in the first place – girls we must stop making dicks the center outside our centers!

Younger’s lead character, Liza, needed a job after getting divorced, but her former shellish life kept her away from honing her skills in the publishing world. She ain’t know nothing about no Tweetin’ and no e-readin’ to save her life. I love how Liza is getting her life now (albeit a 26-year-old life, filled with unmarried sex and shots on a Tuesday). But, how does marriage manage to suck a woman -- out of what, seven-ten years of real life  -- is beyond me. 

Enough of the marriage bashing, right?

Dolls,  you know I just hate when women push their lives aside while the “gods” (I read a Facebook post where a woman referred to men, Black men specifically, as “Gods” who needed to be reminded that their lives matter. The men's, not the women's, just the men's matter. FOH.

What is up with men needing coddling while the women lose themselves and find themselves facing this world alone eventually? Isn’t dick sucking enough? They need coddling too?!

And if a mother calls her young seed “Kang” one more time…I just can't...

Let’s agree that if and when we find love (again) we will remember ourselves. The guys have their shit. We should still have ours. This way we don’t have to “figure out” this world of hashtags and shots should we find ourselves alone (again). Younger, as well-scripted as it is, should never be a real -life issue.

Stay relevant. Stay young.Even if you don't go hard with sex and shots, don't just give up and go home. Your life needs you. Go get it and hold on to it for dear life already.Damn,

And hey: I still take shots (shots, with an S). I like Tweetin' 'n shit. I still want meaningless sex, and if someone will please let my vajayjay know she’s not finished with peen I would appreciate it.

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