What's a CIAA? What last weekend meant to me.

3:36 PM

For several years now the city of Charlotte has turned into a southern Mecca for black folks who need a reason to be anyone but themselves. Known as the CIAA Tournament Week it's a weekend full of basketball, and booze. I should always embrace seeing how I'm a CIAA alumna. And I like to drink.

The weekend also holds another meaning for me. It was 4 years ago I've moved out of Maryland, that place where I was left to die.

I wasn't letting a bad cold keep me bound either. So I celebrated. Went into the weekend with no expectations. Celebrated.

Listening to the Uber driver's stories last Saturday night, my suspicions about the banking community are right: they spend all week Uptown pulling out hair for the execs that when it's time to unwind they turn to cocaine. Hey I won't judge but if it takes all of that to let loose I'm glad I'm a creative spirit and not a type A. I also learned from Miss Uber to just have a good time, during CIAA weekend and every other weekend for that matter. She is single, just like me. We're out-chere taking in life with nothing more than a good time.

E and I walked into blue restaurant and bar for the Digital Divas CIAA event. Live band, DJ and yes the men were there. Sure I was taller than most of them, but remember I'm just celebrating life not fishing for a relationship.

There was one little caramel man who actually piqued my interest. Maybe it was the screwdriver with Coconut Ciroc he bought me or maybe I was just glad to have made my way into VIP. But I was interested. Strange for me. I mean, he would have still been shorter if I'd worn flats.

We talked and I even gave him my number. My damn phone died so I didn't get his but still gave shawty mine. Classic mistake: never give a man a number without getting his first.

I was really hoping to hear from him in the coming days. Mini jerk, still haven't and probably won't at this point. Dammit, the night was just about good times remember?

So today I still celebrate. And I look forward to the post CIAA follies (at patty, the food fest and the several jazz events in tap this summer).

Am I too old though? Am I just going through the motions of being single by going out...just to go out? If I were married would I want to entertain the weekend (or watch Lifetime whilst the hubby goes out and play)

There I go, thinking again. When did I become the one who thinks too much?

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