My CIAA Weekend With Married Men

10:30 PM

I'm pretty new to Charlotte, NC and CIAA. I'm a Howard girl and am not a fan of basketball, although I'm trying to be.But, you don't have to enjoy either to partake in the day parties and night events. So, for the past three years, I look forward to this time.

As my first CIAA being single, I was looking forward to meeting a lot of hot, single men. (That sounds like a porn site. Celibacy is a struggle, fo' real!) Anyway, my plans were thwarted due to Stella, my Bimmer. Poor baby needed some work done so I basically spent Friday evening and Saturday morning at the dealer. Sucked!

After making it home just in time to get ready for Saturday's event at Blue, Ty came through and we Ubered our way uptown. Ty had insisted we get hoochied up and I spent some time resisting. While I was looking forward to meeting someone and dating casually, I really didn't want to flaunt my stuff. It was cold and the news kept reporting the possibility of black ice. If anyone would fall and break their neck in front a crowd full of people, it would be me. Nevertheless, Ty convinced me to wear stilettos so I coordinated that with some leggings and a hoochie shirt.

The night started off slowly and I was disappointed. I usually attend events with my sorority sisters and spend the evening meeting fraternity brothers. There's never a lag at those events I guess because of the common bond we share. But partying with regular folk? UGH. It was going to be a loooong night.

Towards the end of the night, things finally picked up as Ty promised and a few shots later, I met a guy at the bar. Waiting our turn with the bartender, we struck up a conversation and he offered to let us hang with him in VIP. It was a bet 'cause my feet were burning; I desperately needed to sit down.

When we got there, the entire VIP section was full of married men! I was like, really? This is what my night is going to entail? Ugh. I was disappointed but the drinks kept flowing and they were all such good dancers. I soon relented and began to enjoy the evening. I'm starting to trust what comes my way is what's meant to be; if it wasn't for me to meet someone, then I wasn't going to go searching for it.

Resting between songs, I struck up conversations with several of the married men. They were out for a boys' CIAA weekend which I thought that was so cute. A lot of women assume that a boys' weekend means they're strolling for sex and cheating on their spouses. The group I met that night had no ulterior motives. They were just having fun. And I could dig it.

When they asked me about my situation, each one of them said I wouldn't be single for long. I found that comforting. And it's actually what a lot of my girlfriends tell me, but they're my friends; they're supposed to, you know?

So, my weekend with married men was probably one of the most fun, stress-free nights I've had in a long time. And I'm thankful for it.


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