You're dumber than a box of hair without the closure piece.

9:11 AM

Gotta love the opinions of a select few "men", who are as ludicrous as...well, you know...
Just read the weave line somewhere and thought ,"I can't wait to use it as a blog title!" There is someone or a group of someones who fit the role of the dummy who has it worse than some packaged hair.

I took the early portion of the snow day (don't laugh, there is enough ice on the street to put Rockefeller's ice rink to shame!) to read an list from two women I thought would provide fair insight about the sisters. Good gravy was I wrong.

There is was, another case of black men speaking for all black men about all black women. We are stand-offish, what? We don't offer "enough support" towards the brothers? The hell?!

When you're in your teens and twenties content like the Essence piece is fine to laugh off, and even believe to an extent -- how many lies did you fall for at 18 because you simply knew no better? When you're in your 30s and 40s you should be jaded seasoned enough to side eye and write responses like this one before moving on with your fabulous life. 

Young sisters reading this, read the linked piece too, but bring a sense of sarcasm with you, please. Don't get anywhere near your feelings because no, not all black men feel that way about black women. There are black men out here who simply require yes women who will continue the work of mothers who coddle their sons to death. 

It's not about those kneegrows any freaking way. It's about you, sugar! 

By the way, what grown-ass man is afraid of approaching a woman he's attracted to? The phrase "good morning/afternoon/evening" still works today. Duh!  And dudes, if she looks like she can't be bothered but you're not sure, smile. See what happens. 

Because...yes there are times when we can't be bothered (often because of men who we want to be with just won't act right, but dammit we can't get em out of our heads!) and you need to keep it moving. 

Big deal; a stranger can't be bothered with a stranger. Whoop-dee-effing-do.

But sometimes, a smile -- without you being creepy about it -- is all a chick needs to go from "angry black woman" to sweet Nubian Queen, ready to do anything you want. Anything. You're welcome guys.

Having typed that last paragraph though, if you happen to be one of the idiot cosigners of the Essence piece, I didn't write that for you. Seriously, you can keep it all the way moving. Your close-minded asses are destined for a halfway-empty life of mediocrity because you have decided that all of us or even most of us are alike, and that you'll settle for yes persons who fit your intelligence deficiencies. Do you see yourselves though? Just dumb, yo.Just dumb...

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  1. I read the article. I gotta say something as a black man. How do these "black men" ascertain all of that (won't support me, not fun, sexually frigid, is yet another baby wanting, wedding planning victim of the biological clock) before even interacting with her? I remember way back when I thought non-black women were the answer to my dating woes. Spoiler alert: they weren't. It's that p###y paradise fallacy; thinking that if we go somewhere else we'll be treated like the "good black men" that we are. The true issue for me was insecurity...I was afraid that I didn't fit anything on the menu of what I thought black women wanted. A lot of women I wouldn't approach because I had a belief that I needed to hack some code to appear to be this mythical black man that all women wanted and avoid anything that looked like rejection or drama. And that until I could, I shouldn't bother. But I kept on living and found out otherwise. All relationships are mysteries; you have to live them to know them. These men are projecting their own insecurities, nothing more, nothing less. Women do likewise, but it's obvious in this article.
    Personally, I'd like to live in a world where it doesn't matter who approaches who. Not where gender roles are reversed, but it doesn't matter and the ends justify the means. That's part of the problem. Then everybody can test out their assumptions and grow. But that won't happen in my lifetime. Folks want a relational freedom that this culture, our rituals, our language, and model of reality hasn't prepared us for.
    Anyway, take this article with a grain of salt. In most marriages involving black folks, 90 percent of them are black women and men marrying each other. So somehow, we find ways to overcome these excuses/reasons/fears/projections. As a man who is about to marry a black woman who has treated me better than any woman I've been with, I am grateful I did.
    Rant over.

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptuals. I keep hope alive because of men like you. And it's not necessarily because you're black (but it doesn't hurt, either.)

      Thanks for your comment!