You want me to lie for the d*ck?

11:51 AM

It's been a minute for me. I'm not sure if it's by choice or otherwise...that's how long it's been. 

Don't ask me the last time "Chocolate Aquarius" has been on an online dating site, either. All my passwords are lost -- you know you haven't been on any website in a month of Sundays when you're not logging in automatically anymore.

Peeped the Twitter feed for singleandhappy1 this morning. Thought I'd see what other singles are tallin-bout. Of course: dating, hooking up, relationships, marriage. (Why do I expect others to see singlehood the way I see it is beyond me. Folks, single life is not just about meeting and mating. Geez!) Came across a link to an article about how online daters tend to "Cockblock" themselves by doing some stupid things, including posting group pics. 

Now dolls, I have been telling you for a minute not to post group pics, especially if you're the DUFF. Haha! 

But, when this author/online dating guru suggested we lie on our profiles, I had to tweet somethin':
What kind of sad, sorry azz excuse of a person gotta lie about anything -- living in a major city, as opposed to the neighboring county, adding inches to your height, cropping photo...never mind -- just to go on a date with someone you barely know? Lying for some cawfee? Is that what's it's come down to these days?

Nah. I'm good. 

And when the guru, @ATWYSingle, responded with "everybody lies". That's when I knew my Twitter time for the day was up. 

So lemme get back to the point of SAH. As I've stated earlier, it's not about getting the D (and possibly lying for it!). It's about the Y...YOU! 

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