What if Geraldo is right about hip-hop?

12:45 PM

Drop the mic...please.
Most men don't stand out here in Charlotte, they are starting to look alike. The good ones are working uptown for Bank of America, so that come CIAA weekend they can ball out of control and screw as many out-of-town chicks in three or so days as possible.The bad ones rely on basic chicks and their gub'mint checks, as if that will never come to an end. Is this hip-hop's problem or nah? 

Hear me out; hop-hop has been a staple in the community since the 80s. As a native New Yorker I can tell you that if you were black in the 80s there was no escaping rap, Kangols and bamboo earrings, no matter how hard my holiness-churched parents tried to shield "the devil" from me. It would make some sense though, to see how hip-hop can affect how people live, and love. 

Now before you call me crazy, I do not agree with most of Geraldo's rant. You cannot say hip-hop is hurting blacks more than racism when we stay burying people who didn't deserve to die. Trayvon. Eric. Jonisha. Hip-hop, as powerful as its lyrics can be and as relevant as it is in middle America, is still a choice, while getting shot in the name of self-defense is not.

Still, has hip-hop hurt the family unit? What about old-fashioned courting? Relationships? Am I single because I don't turn up on a Tuesday, or  don't have a substantial donkage? 

The hip-hop heroes encourage more bottle-popping and ride-or-dying and less book-reading and marital-preparing. I know, Bey and Jey are married. But sorry, I'm not ready to call them the quintessential couple. I'll wait for the DNA results from Jigga and the 21-year-old guy in Philly who thinks he's fam.

Oh...and we still cannot talk too much about same-sex relationships and transgender people. Is this a hip-hop issue or an iggnant issue though? *shrugs*

I do know that some black men want their cake, want to eat it too, and will go for seconds and thirds when money permits. That's a lot like hip-hop to me. Shiiiiit; don't act like you don't watch "Love and Hip-Hop".  

And hey jackhole: don't offer to suck on the ta-tas if you're married and Facebook friends with one of my blogging clients -- one of which has just hired me to do what? Manage.His.Facebook.Account. Nice family pics, by the way. Your wife must be proud of you. 

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