I'm Having A Setback

11:02 PM

All weekend, I'd been looking forward to going out. And although I'm having a setback, I can't say it was because of Valentine's Day. I honestly think it began with that dating site, blackcelibacy.com.

Earlier, I asked if anyone had been on it. Because I'm committed to celibacy, I was really curious as to whether there were men just as committed as I. So, I created a profile. While perusing some of the guys' profiles, something came over me. I began to feel angry over the divorce, at my husband - shit, EX-husband - and found myself looking at family pictures.

Not to mention, this morning, I set up my phone to block messages from a friend of mine. I really don't feel like talking to him. He pissed me off.

Then I got a text from a guy I met on the "yacht" yesterday. No, NOT G-Unit. A very sweet, much younger man. I'm about to tell him I'm in no mood to date.

I think that's my issue. I've been bombarded with messages of love, single men, dating, etc. while still juggling my new divorcee status. I need to hibernate for a while and remain focused on being single. I'm so not ready to date.


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