Divorced And Happy...Meet The New Blogger

10:30 PM

If someone would have told me 12.5 years ago I'd be writing this. I still would have married him. Although there were some warning signs, I thought all relationships were like that. But, to be writing for my girl's Single And Happy blog 2 months after my divorce is finalized? Never that. But God is good. Despite everything that has happened last year, I can sincerely say today, I am single and happy.

Here's my story:

"Sam" and I knew each other from middle school. Can't really say we were friends but we hung out in the same circles. I ran into him again during my shift at a DC strip club. (You gotta buy the book!) He used to come through after work , grab a drink and talk to us. No. He didn't try to feel our booty or date us. It was his way of winding down. He and his boss used to go at it but we'd tell him to suck it up. "Be happy you're making money with your clothes on," we'd say.

One particular evening, I was laying on my back while he filled my garter with singles, he remarked that I looked familiar to him. Really, dude? Are we about to do this?

He then asked where I went to school, and when I told him, he pulled out a middle school picture from his wallet. I recognized him immediately and from that day on, each time he came through, we'd talk about our mutual friends and other topics. It took him 9 months to ask for my number. I thought that was sweet given the horn dogs I was used to dealing with. He seemed different. A good boy.

We eventually went out on a date and had the best time. He was the perfect gentleman. And the sex was great too. (Don't judge me.)

Still, I was hesitant about having a boyfriend while dancing. I had a boyfriend before and all I did was think about him. It messed up my money cause I'd immediately go into the dressing room instead of socializing with the patrons.

But, a voice deep inside if me was telling me it was time to stop dancing. I was better than this. But, as the days went on, and I continued dancing and drinking, that voice got quieter and quieter. I knew if I was ever going to stop dancing and live a normal life, this was my chance.

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