Welcome back to single and happy

3:42 PM

Imagine: the only operating donut shop sits atop a mountain that is only accessible by a ski lift gondola. That gondola is only available to the elite. The elite? They're not who you think they are. Nope, that's not them either. 

Welcome to singlehood, where getting to happy is as bad as Terry Millian says it is in "Getting to Happy". 

Good news though, if you're willing to try something new. I'm finding that celibacy is making most aspects of being single an easier pill to swallow. The physical aspect? It's tough as shit. No need to sugarcoat it.

If there's one thing about singlehood I'd want anyone to know, it is that there are several aspects of single good, besides dating. Through friends I learning about being divorced and happy. School is definitely in session, honey. There is still lots to understand as a single woman. 

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