Light Girls, Dark Girls and why I am hating Black men more than ever.

8:14 AM

Because I need one more reason to turn off my desires for a "good black man"...

The OWN Network felt compelled to air a response to 'Dark Girls', 'Light Girls'. I'm thinking the documentary powers-that-be were like, "Yes, there is some lightskinned privilege, but let's talk more about pain since it worked in 'Dark Girls'". 

We can all cry together now, as both girl groups were sorry for being born, huh? Nah. Because more people would rather feel bad for us darkies than acknowledge the struggles our lighter sisters face -- yes, still face -- and some folks want to pretend that there is no light privilege, since we all have made it in the world with our degrees and Internet connections. Sorry, the privilege existed since slavery and it still does today -- yes, still today (there is scientific proof by the way).

But here is why I can't deal with brothers: the men being interviewed had an opportunity to start a real dialog about the pain they have caused, the part they still play in colorism. (Sorry, but if you don't know what I  mean then you are probably the problem and there is no need in explaining what I'm tallin'bout.) Instead, they pointed out the obvious and made the same jokes and assumptions that they have been making for years.

Most telling: They interviewed the coonest of the coons, young men who repeated what I've heard in HS, light is right and darkies will serve you until you get to the light-bright promise land.

I blame the mothers who insist on calling their little men "Kang" and rewarding their required behavior (hello, you are supposed to complete your homework, and clean your room, and take a bath!) with ridiculous gifts. I blame the daddies too, because even if they were around, they weren't. They were busy chasing that redbone. Both parents have had a hand in making little man the big spoiled brat he is today. 

So if I read one more "what black men want" or "how to get a black man" or anything related I am tossing my iPhone into I-85 traffic. These dudes want you to look and act differently just for their approval. For their "side piece" approval. For their "lemme bang her until I get what I really want" approval. For their "my mommy and daddy hated me" approval. For their "at least you're not fat" (true statement from grown-ass men during a dinner date) approval.

For their "I am happily married but lemme tell you I'm separated because you'll never find my Facebook profile" approval. Yep I am tossing shade to a man I know. 

Guys of African descent, make 2015 the year you get over yourselves, once and for all. Thanks, management.

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  1. It is a struggle to stay encouraged. We can go even deeper with the natural hair v relaxed hair etc. Feels like black men want a beyonce over a lupita which isnt most of us.

    1. They want Jaylo and Kim K over Beyonce.

  2. Ty the Single and Happy ChickJanuary 20, 2015 at 3:26 PM

    Yass! They want that...with a dash of FLOTUS. But they ain't no Jay with a dash of POUTS, so there! :)