The way my parents are set up...

11:03 AM

So my now 16-year-old likes a boy.

Thank. God.

The sneaker head-slash-video-game-holic who loves basketball, but has a into boys. And only boys.

The lil nukka in the picture? Some fool at a Foot Locker, who attends the wrong High School, who tried to help her find her size seven in boys. But Jordans require lottery-esque tickets prior to purchase so although he got the digits, she was SOL.

That was two Jordans ago. Now, she got her hands on a ticket for the newest of the new Jordans. Ugly-ass sneakers they are...

I'm just glad she's into boys.

It's not like I'd disown her if she were into women -- or both sexes for that matter -- but the way her grandparents are set up, she has to be straight. At least until she is older, when I would no longer be looked at as a bad mother who "allowed" the fall from Christianity into the lap of lesbianism.

(It's not like my parents are perfect but I'll save that story for another time...)

Dammit, it matters. My parents would still love her but they would pretty much hate me.

And to be honest, I dunno how I would react if she announced that she liked girls. From what I hear, most responses from parents go like this: _____________. Then, all of a sudden their world is rocked and they want to know "Where do we go from here?  How will everyone else respond?  What questions should I ask?  What did I do wrong" (source: Loving Your Gay Child)?

It's not like I can control what's going on in her brain so why should it matter who she likes? matters. We are Black and come from the old-school shout it out church.

Maybe I should meet him first before writing him off...and keep thanking God she isn't gay, and I don't have to explain her to my parents.

If he is fine...and she is like me...there will be nothing I can do...

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