The only post about my man you'll see on here. Read it before I delete it!

4:52 PM

One thing about Constellation Dollars is that no matter where in the world you are, you can count on him. Even here in Charlotte in the midst of all the locally-based, must-be-seen-on-tv-for-brownie-points eateries. He is that "Third Place" we read about in the news, home and the workplace are the other two spots. Like home and work, we find out way and make it ours for as long as we can. Even if we move to another location, we still crave that thing the places give us comfort, stability and a break from everyone else!

We need him and he knows it.

His workers -- the baristas -- are ready to serve me my tall white mocha latte, either a plain bagel or a corn muffin (when available), and a corner to get some work done.  There is no other place remotely like Const Dolls. I don't know if folks even try to compete with him. Even though the remodeled locations are attracting a college crowd -- of yougins' who want to study and socialize at the same damn time! -- he isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Perhaps there are other third places and local sit-downs that works for others. For now though, this is what works for me.

My man is like this, too.

My man is like coffee: tall, brown and reliable. I have learned to expect what he brings to my life. It's too much at times, but like coffee, I let him simmer for a few until I am ready to receive his love.

He ain't the smoothest. Neither is that coffee though. But they both keep me coming back for...damn if I even know anymore.

My boo has baristas, too: his family is there to support his causes. I am in awe of the bond he has with them, from the momma to his son. Even if I wasn't I'm already sold, fuck it.

My baby doesn't need extra sound effects, just like my coffee needs no gimmicky advertising every five minutes. He is an accidental surprise to my soul, like the latte. I believe he doesn't mean to put me under a spell -- to where I need to touch myself whenever he's not around.

And I don't have to worry about driving too far off course; hell, I can make as many stops as a tank of gas will allow. My baby just sits there and watches me do random, ridiculous shit as he smiles and nods. He knows I know how to find him when I need and want him. I might not always need him but I swear I always want him.

He is tasty, too. As I breathe a sign of relief in my head, relief from the outside, the societal noise which makes me feel like I am not enough,  I take him in the most careful first...

Like Const Dolls, I'm sure there are other "places" in which I can take in something tall and dark. Hell, I know there is. But right now, this place works out just fine.

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