I'm too old for this relationship

3:10 PM

Gimme an old phone so I can slam the receiver down one time.

Courting, the kind without sex like back in the day...how did they do it? Being in the South makes me think about the old days I've missed by being born in the 70s in a shielded household, where it was all about get married or go to hell. No talk about courting; folks just seemed to go from meeting in the church choir, to getting preggers hitched.


So without giving away too much, my honey has been out of town on business for several weeks. We get by with calls, texts and FaceTime. Oh, I cannot contain myself.

Is this how the kids get down? It sucks, yo.

I was cool with random conversations via text; the way his work shift is set up...but now it's more texting than anything else. I need to hear the emotion and he needs to hear my sarcasm. Sarcasm doesn't work in texts. But, I still try.

And when one of his texts came in three days late, I got all bat-shyt-crazy when I thought he meant to send it to someone else. Why did my mind go straight to the negative? I'd receive delayed messages before from others and I was cool after an explanation like "Aww damn, I sent that two days ago."

Maybe I'm not mature enough for a relationship then...

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