I am not my man's keeper.

3:03 PM

So I keep getting asked "where yo man at?" from anyone who knows about my new dating status. I check my back pocket and my purse...he ain't there. I know where he's at but I don't exactly know what he's doing, or with whom. I can go by my assumptions. Oh, the mystery.

Should I care more? Where in the book of Relationship Revelations does it suggest that two grown folks are supposed to be joined at the hip? Like I'm 'sposed to prove to the world I'm involved. My life ain't a reality show. As long as we are acting like a couple in real life toward each other, that's all that matters...yes?

Get your life. I cannot believe Tamar Braxton has entered my thoughts. But her lil' catch phrase seems to fit here. Because I refuse to lose myself (my life) for someone, again. And I will not blame him if said life becomes missing in action either.

Keep your life. I'm still as cynical as ever -- that is when I'm not browsing my Pinterest board entitled "My Bizarre Wedding Obsession". This relationship will not change me. I'm too old to change.

I do miss him though...cue "Sugar Free"...somebody...anybody.

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