It's gettin', it's gettin', it's gettin' kinda hectic: when the power goes out and you're home alone

10:18 AM

Note: I am not flattered in the least when it comes to married men wanting me, so please don't take this post to be some kind of way.

In NY, where there is a neighborhood blackout, it's an opportunity to meet the people in your walking distance and socialize. For some it's a chance to cop the biggest TV one can carry. Let's just keep it a hunnid.

In Charlotte, when there is a blackout (albeit a 15-minute blackout -- hee hee!) you crank up the laptop so you can charge your phone and call someone. Anyone. It gets pitch black outside at night when the power shuts down and I wasn't stepping out for nothing. I called the realtor's electrician.

Had I known the lights would be back on in 15 minutes...SMH! Why did I call him?!

I was frantic, "Are you around?  My lights out!"

“For real? I'm in SC right now but if you gimme...”

"You know what? It looks like the lights are out everywhere." Which means he can't do anything for me so there is NO reason or him to come over. Trust, he's been looking for one.

"Lemme call Duke Power and see if they can give me a time as to when the lights might be back on."

"Aiight...yo did you just call them Duke Power? How old are you again?"

We laughed. Duke Power is now Duke Energy and has been since at least for ten years now. Something about the word "power"...the pow in it...I'm drawn to power. This dude, in all his manual labor, exudes power. But, he's married, and I'm good with my new boo. Damn good.

So I called dude back to let him know the POWER came back on, fifteen minutes later. He still wanted to see me. Since there were no more acceptable reasons for him to not come though he goes, "I want you."

"I'm in a relationship." Finally felt good to say those four words without lying. "'re married!" As if he needed some sort of a reminder. There's an app for that, I'm sure. Download the marriage reminder app, for iPhone and Android.

"I need to talk to you," he said…


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