I forgot to tell you about my weekend, or good news travels fast...on Facebook

11:08 PM

Cupid has set up shop in Charlotte. His fat arse was in the gym earlier today - one couple walked into  Planet Fitness hand-in-hand together, as if they could have lost each other among the sea of treadmills and bikes while another couple, a very fit pair (lunks! lol), held each other as they said "well done" to each other, and after hogging the ab machines!

And after over a year of online dating, cupid has invaded my profile like a virus. No antivirus protection, not even my trusty Avast, is no match for him. Yes dolls and action figures; your girl is in a relationship.

Before I changed my Facebook status, (funny but while I was able to update my political affiliation from the iPhone, to Independent, or as NC calls it, 'other'  I had to put my phone down and break out the notebook to change my single status; it was as if the social network was like "Bish, shut the front door. You lying, yo. I know you ain't in no relationship, girl!") I stopped by the SAH Facebook page to share the news there first. I felt like my long-time SAH supporters over there needed to know the news before everyone else:

In a matter of minutes that post received so many likes! FB's greedy azz saw dollar signs and suggested that I promote it (read: buy ad time):

Pretty impressive, yes? More likes than most of my September posts. More likes than any of my sarcastic witty statements. More likes than my book excerpts (don't ask!). And even more likes than my rant about the married man, who thinks that I think he's not married, but everyone and their momma told me two months ago that he is married:

"I started to knock on your door the other day. I said naah," Mr. Slick had warned me over the weekend.

The nerve, right?

Anywho, within an hour after updating my personal profile, Facebook decided that it is now time to shop for wedding gowns, as advertisements appeared on the right-hand side of the screen. I'm saying, pump your virtual breaks, FB. Dang.

As far as the human responses, I appreciate the likes although it does have your girl thinking, wuttup? Perhaps:

There will be more for me to blog about/more for you to read about. Love. Relationships. Next levels. Oh the possibilities! But whoa, Nelly! Technically I'm still single, which means I'll still have  stories to share (and I'm  always looking for stories from you, so email 'em to tylandunlimited@yahoo.com, thanks!). For some reason, being spoken for is a mating call for past dudes, neighbors and yes, the married. This means the stories aren't going anywhere any time soon.

Being SAH ain't all that! 
I wouldn't have met my boo if I wasn't single, so don't look for me to start dissing my prior FB status. Singlehood is a blessing; it's a time to find you, to do you, and to eventually attract a man who is digging the you that you are. How freekin' awesome.

Sometimes good news is just...good news. Arguably, Sigmund Freud once said "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" and dude was the king of interpretation. Folks are just happy, and thanks again. Besides, it's not like I shared any details leading up to the status change so perhaps my peeps are simply glad to see that my online dating drama ended on a positive note. They might be surprised, but glad..

Like I said, I haven't really mentioned him on the blog and as long as we're still dating I don't plan on mentioning him. There is some kind of personal energy going on, the kind that even I, a blogger and FB page admin, am not eager to share with the world. Yeah, I'm keeping this one a secret...for now.

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