Happy Endings?

10:03 AM

I received a few comments, mostly from newer blog followers, about the dwindling content here. "Girl, I know you're all boo'ed up and everything, but..." is the sentiment in all the comments. The dolls are feeling slighted, sort of how Barbie and the Cabbage Patch Kids probably felt when I dressed them up for the last time, in the 80s, and started looking at boys in all their New York hip hop glory. Word up.

There is a reason for everything though, and the reason for my lack of stories is that there is probably a bigger message to convey to the lonely. If I can go online and meet the one*, so can anyone else. Welcome to what could be my happy ending, the one I  swore would never make it to this blog, or in my life. Yeah, that happy ending.

Queen Latifah. Sarah Jessica Parker. Tracee Ellis Ross. These A-listers have been trying to tell us singles something for years. No matter what is happening in your personal space, apparently you need to include three other women with different personalities in it, and no matter how much of a string of bad dates or how much relationship drama you will endure, perhaps it will all end with happily ever after. 

Who knew Hollywood had it right all this time?

This means our stress levels are going through the roof for nothing. This means that our tears were truly a waste. This means that (some of us) have truly wasted years -- decades even -- in the wrong life. And we didn't have even think about having a fear of being alone; look at the older people you know. Most of them are not alone. The few who are alone, have pretty much given up on love. Yes, we all have cringed at the thought of dying alone, and nobody wants to be known as a quitter...wow. That just explained why most older folks I know are paired off. 

Or, are they settling for settling down?  If all of us eventually want someone to share an aging life with, we might have to settle. Sad.

Even if my new relationship ends, I can either take comfort in knowing that I will not die alone, or I can brace for a life of taking whatever is left at the buffet. Talk about a senior citizens discount...

*Before you start going in, I'm not jumping the gun. Don't worry.

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