Eff a government: my own personal shutdown story

11:38 AM

Living in the vast area of Charlotte, which includes South Carolina -- I love to see the look on out-of-town people's faces when I tell them "I'm down in SC with a client. I'll call you back when I get back to Charlotte." They think I'm in a southern land, far, far away! -- residents need two things to survive here: kick-azz transportation and good communication skills. The guy I'm dating now, he has both. At least, I thought so...

He won't talk to me!

I don't mean he has stopped calling. The texts indicate that he is just as interested in getting to know me as I am of him. (Sorry folks but I did promise him that I won't mention any identifying details about him up in here.) He promises that things are all good. So, how come won't he tell me why he's not having a good day? 

He doesn't work for the gubmint, in case you're wondering.

Until I really know what's good I'm going to have to trust him. Ugh! The T word. It's been a minute since I've used it. From feminine products to bug spray -- although I must say mixing Ortho's Home Defense with Windex, and then setting a few teaspoons of the mixture in a corner, does kill the outdoor suckers! -- trust is one word I use very carefully.

For now I'm gonna trust him by giving him his space. No need in making something bigger than it might be, by me asking him to tell me what's wrong. Since we haven't been dating that long it's not like I require a whole lot from him anyway; I don't need to know everything about him right now. I just want him to know he can talk to me.  Friends make the best couples and I simply want to be his friend.

Real talk: I think he likes the attention...bastard.

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  1. Maybe he thinks that if he tells you what's wrong, he'll burden you with his problems. I know trust is not a favorite word of yours, but trust me he'll let you know what/if anything is wrong when he is ready.

    1. LOL We spoke last night. And you're right, he didn't want to burden me. Thanks Breazy!