You can't take me out...but you can get us a hotel room. Day 27

8:14 AM

I am no good until 10 a.m. with a latte or hot tea in hand. Fellas are no good unless they think for a minute they might be getting some.

Take my latest online date, Mr. Cocky. I can call him this because he willingly admits to being as such. Mr. Cocky is 6'3, brownskinned, straight from the islands. He came to the US and manages to live the American dream better than many Americans today. When he told me he lived in South Charlotte and hesitated when I asked "Do you mean Ballantyne?", I already knew: balla!

So it comes to no surprise that he thinks he is the ish. But I liked his confidence and his hug when we greeted each other.

We had to cut the first date short due to his family emergency though.

The next day he went down to Lowcounty SC for the day on business but returned to Charlotte later in the evening. He wanted to see me and I wanted to see him too. When I suggested a restaurant in Ballantyne since it's near his home, he said he was too tired, didn't want to go back out... "but we can chill at your house". No, sir.

About 9 that night he called, and suggested that since we are both attracted to each other, why not get down with the get down already. Let's get a room. Wait a minute: you were tired before and didn't want to go back out the house. Where did the burst of energy come from?

Of course when I said no, sir, he had a sudden call come in on his other line. Never clicked back over. The call mysteriously dropped and he never called back.  Guess he grew tired again. Hmp.

I really can't with these dudes...

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  1. I don't know Ty, it seems to me you are generalizing men with your "Fellas are no good unless they think for a minute they might be getting some" line.

    1. Touche! LOL That is all.

      Aren't I allowed at least one?

  2. You generalized and went forth. Perhaps that's what he did. Cant expect a gold medal for a silver performance.

    1. The generalization came after he showed his arse.

  3. flags. Sounds like he's not really who he's trying to be. Smells a little funny.

    (1) Insinuated he lives in an area associated with $$. (2) Family emergency on first date? (Possible, but iffy) (3) Was too tired for the restaurant, didn't want to go back out, and yet he wanted to come over to your house? Wouldn't he have to go back out to come to your house? (4) The kicker. If he wanted to "get it on" why couldn't you have gotten it on at his place? Why the hotel room?

    Sounds like he served up some chocolate-covered ish.

    1. Ding...ding...DING!

      1)In all fairness he really seemed humble when he told me where he lived.

      2)Ditto (possible but iffy)


      4)He said it was because he didn't want his son to see me. Welp...he will never have to worry about this.