You can get a second chance to make a first impression. Day 8

9:59 AM

Sad, but true!
Many moons ago I met this guy 10 years younger than me. Never thought about him "in that way" initially; I thought he was a cool kid with an old soul. One day, about 5 months after meeting him I say to myself "Damn. Who is that?" What would transpire after that would last almost two years. I'm talking months of good impressions! He loved to go down, he loved new positions, he loved to keep working on me until I'd explode...he loved him some old-azz me!

Think of every time you met someone at work, in school, on a blind date. Did you ever regret not getting to know a person past day one? I know I have. There is a stuck-up broad I'd dismissed on Facebook years ago. She has so many connections I could have tapped into as a freelance writer. Dayum! This short man I knew, with the old wardrobe? He turned out to be one of the few good black someone else. Again, dayum!

Maybe I just woke up out of a haze of self-indulgence, but dude just looked different to me one day. Outside of leaving a wallet home or smoking Newports in my face, I can no longer use a first meeting as the basis of who a person is. Dolls, neither should you.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you give it several months either, especially if you're over 35. Shoot. But it's not fair to leave it to the first chance to get an impression that counts. What say you?

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  1. Some first impressions are very authentic and should be handled as such; good or indifferent. For me, I've done well with trusting my intuition in regards to people but have been a bit wrong as well when I've let a slight imperfection of another jade my entire experience with them.

    1. As I age...I've learned to be a bit more open-minded to people and their situations. Give folks a fair chance; worked for the Obamas. :)