Yes, you can be single and happy (and meet decent men online). Day 31

6:00 AM

For my last post of the month, and of the blogging challenges (#31writenow and #bbcbloggers) I am going to end things on a positive note. Don't worry dolls, the funnies will be back next month. But today, as we celebrate Labor Day this weekend, take comfort in knowing there are some good men out here, ready to warm your heart this coming fall. Your work towards love is not in vain; like our jobs, when you think nobody sees you shining, there is always that one person who sees your potential.

I was out running errands and overheard two people talking about their marriages (not to each other). The man is coming up on his first anniversary and he is looking forward to the holidays for the first time in a long time. In fact, he said he is as excited for Thanksgiving  as he was "when I was a kid."

In all my online dating madness I didn't mention the one guy who is sane, respectful and fine too. We talk about everything; he makes it easy to talk to. I feel better knowing him, which means even if nothing more than a friendship evolves from this, I'll be a-okay.

So don't let my horror stories frighten you. He (or she) is out here, even if it's just for friendship. Friendships are treasures when you're single; good friends are solid and long-lasting like real gold.

Be careful. Be open. Be single and happy so you can attract the right one, like I might have...

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  1. Great way to end. I am evidence that it can work. I meet my wife online. :)

  2. I absolutely love this! You ended on a great note friend.

    1. Thanks...but I'm sure my vet readers are shaking their heads. LOL

  3. Great point. Too often we like to focus on the horror stories. It's so much better when we place our focus on the positive outcomes. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. We should focus on all the outcomes if we are to have an honest opinion of online dating. The horror stories could save someone a night of heartache. And admit it: they are funny as hell.

    Thanks, Jay.