When they don't text back in a timely manner-Day 4

8:17 AM

Perhaps it's not enough to get some in a tizzy. Maybe I'm writing this for all the 35-and-over crew, folks who remember slamming a phone down after making a point during a heated conversation. Or this might need to be filed under "Ty you need
give the rest of the world a break, again."

This practice of taking-all-day-to-respond-to-texts needs to stop.

Call me old school, homegirls and homeboys, but today's dating scene calls for more typing than I'm willing to do for free. (For those new to the blog, I'm a freelance writer...get it?)

Why no reply though? Lack of interest? Just plain busy? Would folks rather talk?
There has to be a sensible excuse as to why I can send a note on my phone, and the receiver can't text back within thirty minutes. I know I'm not the only one who keeps the iPhone in arm's reach. Paid too damn much for it to not be nearby.  This includes the bed, too.

(Having typed this, God forbid I have a few minutes to spare in between waking up and getting out of the bed. A whole convo via text...the world has gone mad.)

How about I play the game then, treat the texter the way they treat me. I know, tit for tat is immature as fuck. But if I send a message it means my mind is on the receiver right there and then, rite-nah, not hours later.

How do you deal with this delayed texting stuff? By the way, I am referring to men and women, and various friendship statuses.

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  1. Depends on the person. My friends and I stay texting, all day err day, responses in minutes. My siblings though? Nope. I try to meet people where they are.

    BTW - I'm doing the #31writenow too, it's been a great way to "meet" new people.

  2. Nice to meet you, too. Where is your blog?