The story that started it all: He took me to court for Valentine’s Day! Day 22

9:40 AM

Since today is the launch date of the book I keep tallin’bout, I think it’s fitting to take it back to 2011, weeks before I moved to Charlotte. The original post is here . Please don't write me asking me to "get over it already." This is just a throwback post to remind you of where it all began. What follows below is the story in a nutshell.
Yesterday like most middle class girls, I received roses and candy. Clearly a rushed job but appreciated nonetheless. And even a dramatic "Let's get married today!" proposal.

Too bad it happened only after the bastard took me to court. He called himself evicting me. I think. I really dunno what was the point of it all. The problem was we still owed the people we rented the old house from. Keywords: we owed them; I didn’t owe him a dime. I wasn’t his tenant. I was his fiancée.
He dropped the case and spared some heartache my family has endured for me since they are miles away. They didn’t like him. Nobody did.
Update: I forgot to mention that less than 30 minutes after leaving the courthouse, dude wanted us to go back there, to get married.

Look for the Amazon link to the e-book later tonight. The printed version (with an extra chapter!) will be available after Labor Day. Thanks for supporting the SAH movement dolls…and action figures…



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