The key to the door is around my neck...why won't I use it already? - Day 3

8:39 AM

It is something that cannot be taken back, and it's not your virginity. It may cause massive amounts of joy or immeasurable amounts of pain. None of us have the power to tame it once it's loosed. I'm tallin'bout vulnerability.

Putting yourself out there sounds harmless enough when you're doing it with the right person. I am reading this article on which states that putting your heart on the line -- which being vulnerable makes you do -- is the most important ingredient in a relationship, and perhaps there might be deeper issues to explore if one is not comfortable with "showing up" for a relationship. I'd hate to think that I am self-sabotaging myself out of love...

All of a sudden I begin to hear a soothing voice telling me , "Look, don't be afraid anymore. It's okay now. These here waters are safe."

Is it his voice I hear in my solitude this morning, or is it His voice?

All I know is that I don't want to live in fear; in fact fear -- I mean the paralyzing, worrying, life-stopping type of fear -- is a sin, as God did not instill that spirit in us."Do not be anxious about anything..." the Word advises. I'm just sayin...

How will you know when it's safe to put yourself out there again?

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