The best date break ever. - Day 10

6:47 AM

The reason for Single and Happy is to set out to see if being SAH at now 40 is possible. The past few months proves that yes, it is possible. So far so good:

I've check out my first "Pop-Up" bar. A pop-up establishment is like a beta test for an idea; you would set up shop temporarily somewhere and see if your brainchild has a place in the world. (Sorry, but this particular brainchild needs a time-out...)

I'm making extra money putting in more weekend hours at the p/t gig.

I am watching pre-season football in peace. Go Ravens!

I've been editing the book and partaking in blog challenges -- #31WriteNow and #BBCBloggers if you're interested.

Sure, a better SAH moment would include shopping sprees, back-to-back vaykays and health 'n fitness updates. But, this is all I have for now, and I ...I (points to my chest) am happy. 

Having typed this, I welcome the day that I walk into Food Lion and a fine azz 6-footer offers to help carry my groceries. You'll never catch me looking for ways to attract or keep a man though. There are countless writers ready and willing to regurgitate that crap for you.

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  1. You are a wonderful example that it is possible to be single and happy at any age. Just in case someone would like to know how to attract that guy they can come my way. I will be happy to help them wade through the crap. :) Wonderful post.

  2. LOL Thanks Shawn! I'll keep you in mind for takers. There is always one woman looking to do just that.