Sidechick problem number 42: Waiting on that "Good Morning" text -- Day 11

8:44 AM

Welp, leave it to Facebook to put a smile on my face and a gut-covering laugh in my soul. And it's not even nine yet. This is a big deal to me and to other un-morning people everywhere; can you recall what I said on Friday about being overjoyed before 9:00, EST?

I came across the following Oliva meme on NoWayGirl's page:
Image credit: NoWayGirl's Facebook page:

...and now my brain is going nuts. Do these other women (I'm really too old to call them side pieces...*lowers head in shame*) really expect the Joslene Hernandez treatment? If you've witnessed the finale fiasco of Love and Hip Hop - Atlanta, you already know that the P.R. princess was downgraded to peasant status. But, why didn't SHE see that coming?

Look, dolls, and some action figures, too: being Single and Happy means never settling for second place. Now before you begin to refer me to some 2011 posts (read: the Cocainedick months) please know that a) he wasn't married or in a relationship so technically I wasn't a second anything, and b) I have paid for my sins with him already. How? Find out in the book.

So if you must be with someone who places you on Joselene's irrelevant level, (and you're not even getting a recording "contrack" out of it...check out that Joselene speak right there!) be prepared to wait until nightfall for your good morning text.

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