Pause. (Day 5 of blog challenges and 31 Days of Single and Happiness)

7:27 AM

Is there any surprise that he pause sign (II) is a vertical equal sign (=)?

Singles often pride ourselves on going, going...being gone. We travel in two snaps, or stay home looking at Snapped marathons.We explore new trends or take mental journeys with a blunt. We eat out on a whim, and get eaten out on a whim. *shrugs* But sometimes, we need to pause for the cause.

Sorry but I've been dying to type "pause for the cause" since I first heard it back in the 80s on what was known as the Rap Attack on 98.7 Kiss FM in New York.

What is that cause? For starters, your health. Over the weekend John Palmer, former NBC correspondent, died at only 77 years old. The celebrated journalist had over 40 years of news coverage under his belt, even after retiring. Could his life have been spared if he practiced more pausing?

This is not to discount the countless everyday healthy people who suddenly find themselves laid up in a hospital room. That's the body's way of pausing, perhaps.

You don't have to wait for a trip to the ER to take your pause, fortunately. Meditate. Stretch. Breath deeply. Then, get back to your life.

Even my phone pauses (well, freezes) before it decides it wants to make a call, send a text or share a Facebook status. I'm trusting there is a good reason in this case. Before YOU choose to connect with the rest of the world, pause.

For those who are struggling to to find the almighty balance -- I blogged about work-life balance being overrated, but that's just me  -- pause.

How will you pause today?

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