On why basic people are okay, sometimes - Day 12 of challenges, 31 Days of SAH

8:35 AM

Urban Dictionary has seven definitions for a  basic; I choose the  one that means  "someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention too (source: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=basic ).

I am the total opposite of basic. Not bragging, ask people who know. Read this blog! Some call me a free spirit, or even "all over the place",  but I cannot just go SAT down somewhere for the next forty years.

In fact I have already plotted my next moves to carry me into my late 70s. Pow.

But I'm always looking for a common ground for some reason. I've come to the realization that basics and non-basics can co-exist. After all, we have to.  *sigh*

Here are a few reasons to like the basics:

They bathe in mediocrity.  They are okay, with being okay. I mean, they say they want to go back to school, or open a business...but they won't. I can guarantee that while people around them grow and move on in their careers, the basic worker will remain in that office cubicle until someone pries them out of it.  So predictable, with their "all talk, no action" arses. This means they should never be considered a threat to you.

They provide comedic relief, free of charge. Sporting events, clubs, even church is where you can find basics arguing over all the non-issues you can think of, and that's only if you care to. They are the gossipers and fighters, usually over a man who ain't none of their man. Hilarious!

They live for reality TV.  Hey, so do I, but on yesterday I caught CNN's "Reliable Sources" in time to see why Amazon's CEO purchased the Washington Post. I can also tell you that Michael Bolton and Bryan Lee Cranston from "Breaking Bad" -- he plays Walter White, the chemistry-teacher-turned-drug-kingpin --  were featured. on "CBS Sunday Morning". Be entertained, but be informed, too.

There are many more reasons to not like the basics, but I've given this group too much undeserved attention already. Find out why they grind my gears by picking up your copy of "Single and Happy in Charlotte: Nothing Like a Writer Scorned."

If you see yourself in any of this...it's not too late to change. Ty cares.

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  1. Hey take it easy on basic people. They cannot all be extraordinary. I do tire of the endless drowning on about men that are not theirs though. Get your own man and you would not have time to worry about someone else's man.

    1. I get it...I'm not asking for them to be extraordinary. If you can post bathroom pics for IG every other day, you can pick up an online class twice a week. That's not being extraordinary...that's just a small step to better yourself. lol

  2. The reality TV water cooler reporters...I know some too. They talk about that stuff like my sister and I used to talk about The Young and The Restless (or The Stories as my Grandpa called them). Difference is, we knew Y&R was just a show, I'm not too sold on the reality TV-ers knowing that though. lol

    But, hey, like Shawn said, everyone is not built for extraordinary. You have to have a certain mindset and drive within yourself. And not everyone is able to grasp that.

    1. Like I said, I too watch reality Tv...heck, I'm watching LHHATL reunion now! LOL...just be more,not extraordinary...just more. Throw something constructive and mentally stimulating in there. lol

  3. I know a few basic people and it is hard mentally to deal with them. They use a lot of your energy and are sometimes distracting. If you have vision they don't understand or just kind of brush off what you are trying to do. They seem to always have a plan but never make it happen (deep sigh)

    1. No real plan, that is: Some basics are making plans to get in da club free before 11. SMH